Donate to the Birmingham International Church of Christ
via ICC Missions

Birmingham International Church of Christ is a member congregation of ICC Missions.
ICC Mission is both a company listed by guarantee (Company Number 04272228)
and a registered charity in England and Wales (Charity Number 1092123)

ICC Missions uses the services of CharityCheckout to collect these donations and claim the Gift Aid. CharityCheckout charges a fully inclusive fee of 2.3% of the Donation+Gift Aid, with a minimum of £0.30. An option is provided for you to cover these charges if you would like to when you make a donation.
Please choose the Gift Aid option if you are eligible, to maximise the benefit to the charity.
If you have a CharityCheckout account you can login here.

NEW SUNDAY SERVICE LOCATION – From Sunday 11th November we will no longer be meeting in Selly Park. Find out more.

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