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To celebrate International Women’s Day, come and join us at our inspirational ONLINE event for WOMEN of all ages*.

Our event this year will be filled with worship, prayer, encouraging speakers and lively discussion.

Do you know what God has to say about women?

What do you think God says about women?

Would you like to find out more?

Join us as we explore why God created us for such a time as this so that we can #ChooseToChampion God’s view of Women. We will also learn and discuss how we can choose to champion the good we see in each other and the world around us.

Registration: Everyone must register. There is no charge.

Platform: Zoom

*Age Range: We think our event is enjoyed most by young women of 13 years of age and up — but you are most welcome to bring younger girls if you think they will enjoy sitting with you, listening and participating. There is no upper age limit!

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Birmingham Woman's Day

A brief introduction to our Guest Speaker

It is an absolute joy to have Magdalena Hoijer as our guest speaker. Magdalena is married to Peter; they have two teenage children – a daughter & son. The family lived in Sweden for many years. Magdalena had a career in the fashion industry, Peter in the mining industry and they both served in many capacities in our sister church in Stockholm. In 2018 they made the decision to leave their professions to train and then serve as ministers in the Helsinki (Finland) Church of Christ from 2019.

Magdalena has a great friendly personality, as well as family time she loves making friends, shopping & discovering unique coffee shops.

She is an outdoors woman who loves winter sports, enjoys prayer walks in the forest and is currently learning to speak Finnish!

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